Certified translation of contracts

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Sworn translation of contracts

At TRIDIOM, we are sworn translators certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so if you need to translate contracts into other languages and guarantee they are legally valid, we can provide you with a quick, high-quality certified translation of your contracts.

A sworn or certified translation is a complete and faithful translation of the original. Sworn translations are normally needed to verify the official validity of a document before bodies, institutions, study centres or businesses in a different country to where the document was originally issued. These translations are signed, sealed and delivered on paper and have full legal validity. Some countries also require the original document to have an Apostille, so the sworn translation will include an official translation of the Apostille as well.

We have an in-house team of sworn translators for a range of languages (English, German, Dutch, Italian, etc). If you need a sworn translation into a more unusual language, don’t worry, we can still organise your translation as we have a large network of freelance translators who are native speakers of multiple languages, meaning that we are able to offer sworn translations in a wide range of languages. We send sworn translations to people all around Spain and Europe so just tell us where you are and we can post them to you by courier or urgent certified post, whichever you prefer! 

You can also visit our offices in Madrid or Ciudad Real to collect your sworn translation in person.

Whatever the nature of the contract you would like to translate, our native sworn translators, experts in different disciplines, will fully commit themselves to offering you the best service.

If you need a sworn translation of a contract and would like to find out more about the language combinations we work with, or our method of working, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on (+34) 91 523 02 58 or click on the following link to request a quote for your project. We would be delighted to help.