Certified translation of annual accounts and balance sheets

Traducir cuentas anuales

Translating accounts

Why do you need to translate accounts and balance sheets?


Company accounts are a group of documents that record and detail all of a company’s transactions in chronological order. They also include its articles of association – the rules that regulate the internal operations of a company at a legal level. Consequently, they are very important documents for companies and it is advisable to have them translated every year. 

Translating IFRS accounts requires specialist skills and at Tridiom, we are specialists in both the ordinary translation and sworn translation of IFRS accounts and balance sheets.

Normally, when a company wants to expand overseas, the first thing it will need to have is a repository of translated business documents and it is essential for these to include translations of its accounts.

Companies that have already prepared this repository of documents are more flexible when it comes to submitting proposals, responding to client needs and ultimately, improving their image and presence on the world stage.

Translating articles of association, annual accounts, company certificates, etc… are steps that all companies wanting to go global will need to take. If they do so in advance, they will save the company a good amount of money and ensure excellent forward planning.

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