We adapt our simultaneous interpreting service to suit the needs of each client

Technological innovation applied
to simultaneous interpreting

Organising meetings and events, both virtual and face-to-face, is entering a new era thanks to the technological development and innovation that is significantly improving the user experience.

There is no longer a need for traditional interpretation headsets to listen to a simultaneous interpretation. Through our Olyusei app, you can listen to the interpretation no matter where you are.

You can also choose if you want the interpreters to work at the event in-person or from the fully-equipped interpreting booths we have at our office, which saves space, assembly time and transport costs.

If you are organising a virtual event, we can integrate simultaneous interpretation by adapting to your chosen platform.
If you are participating in a European Works Council meeting, you will be able to listen to all the interpreters remotely and talk to your colleagues wherever you are, whether in the same room or your respective countries.

TRIDIOM also has its own videoconferencing platform with integrated simultaneous interpretation, so you can use one tool that has every function you need for a videoconference and professional interpretation service.

Discover the best solution for your event

Webinar or online course

Any language

Create interpreting channels

Incorporate: presentation posters, music

Create waiting rooms

Work meeting

Participants meet in one room and Tridiom provides them with simultaneous interpretation channels, using either interpretation headsets, a mobile app or a combination of both.
The interpreters can be in the same room or work from our office

Participants connect to a videoconference to take part in a meeting in which we have integrated simultaneous interpreting channels.
We create the session on our platform or adapt to whichever you are using.

Press conference

The interpreters can work in the same room, in a side room or from the interpreting booths in our office.
Participants will be able to listen through interpretation headsets or the mobile app. We have equipment that can broadcast the simultaneous interpretation to TVs and other mediums.

Integration of simultaneous interpretation channels in videoconference and streaming platforms.

Symposium and Conferences

We combine our system to adapt to your individual needs (participants listening through interpretation headsets and/or the app, interpreters working on-site or from the booths in our office, additional services such as recording, streaming), meaning we can offer comprehensive solutions for face-to-face, virtual and mixed events.

At TRIDIOM, we have a large network of professional interpreters located in major cities in Spain and abroad who regularly collaborate with us to cover all our clients’ needs, wherever they are in the world.

As well as recruiting the best professionals, we always look for people who have training and experience in the relevant subject area and who are experts in the type of interpreting that will be used (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, sworn, etc.)