Legal translation

Legal documents

Articles of association and deeds | Claims and sentences | Trade registry | Inheritances and wills | Employment contracts

At TRIDIOM translations, we are very aware that legal translation is an area that requires great care and attention to detail because of the highly important nature of the documents. These documents define important legal relationships, whether between private individuals or between an individual and public authority. Our legal translators know this and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality legal translations.

The specialisation and extensive technical training of our experts in legal translation means that we can confidently take on complex legal texts in any jurisprudence, although we mostly work in the area of law and international trade: contracts, deeds, articles of association, audit reports and all kinds of similar documents. We can also do this in a wide range of languages, from the most common to the most exotic and unique.

Our legal translators know the different branches of law and fundamental concepts in each of them, as well as the differences between the legal systems of each country. They complement this with the use of specialist dictionaries, subject-specific encyclopaedias, legal journals and all kinds of additional resources.

Our specialist areas in legal translation are:

  • Translation of contracts

  • Translation of deeds

  • Translation of certificates

  • Translation of articles of association

  • Translations of entries in the trade registry

  • Translation of legal claims

  • Translation of legal sentences

  • Translation of declarations of legal heirs

  • Translation of wills and inheritances

  • Translation of legal acts