Audiovisual translation

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Our audiovisual and multimedia translation experts know that translation in the different multimedia environments is fundamental in today’s ever-changing information society, with agents that enable the globalisation of media audiences (widespread Internet connection, new products and devices, preference for new information formats).

At TRIDIOM translations, we work with the latest technology to adapt information to different factors so that audiovisual companies can increase their audience and reach more people around the world. We know that information should be translated differently depending on the genre and format in which it is presented, which is why we have mastered the different types of audiovisual language.

Computer programmes, websites, mobile applications, videogames, television formats… multimedia translation is a field that requires an excellent knowledge of the terminology and technology used in the industry, as well as the social and cultural context of the country the content is aimed at. New technologies are constantly being developed and our audiovisual and multimedia translators know this. They also have the specific legal knowledge needed for audiovisual and multimedia translation (Intellectual Property Law, transfer of rights, royalties, etc).

Our areas of expertise in audiovisual translation are:

Translating audio or video files normally involves transcribing the original file into a text file. At TRIDIOM, audio and text files are transcribed by our translators, native speakers of a wide range of languages who work with the different audio and video formats you need.

The presentations you create for your project are like your personal statement and an extension of your company, which is why it is so important to ensure the language used is correct and suitable for the target audience (whether clients, partners, suppliers, etc). Our native translators will adapt your texts accordingly, while remaining true to the format and aesthetic of the original.)

The translators who specialise in subtitling at TRIDIOM have extensive experience in translation and subtitling for producers, distributors, television programmes, companies and institutions. Thanks to this, we can offer comprehensive, reliable subtitling that is adapted to the target country and language.

At TRIDIOM, we ensure that your script or text is translated by native speakers of your chosen language. These translators will also have specialised in audiovisual translation, meaning they know the nuances between different genres and formats. We also offer, if you would like us to, professional native voiceover artists, both male and female, who you can choose between for your project. Once you have decided which voice to use, we guarantee a recording, post-production and editing process with the best technical qualities.