Despite the fact that these past two years have been rather turbulent, at Tridiom we are always looking to improve. That is why, at the end of 2020, and even though we were still a little hesitant, we embarked on what would be one of the greatest challenges of last year: to completely change our management system after more than 15 years.

In January we finally got the platform up and running, both for our in-house staff and regular freelancers. With a clean slate and a lot of faith, on the first Monday of January we took the leap. Our first day was full of questions, stress and a lot of nerves but, after a few hours, we all felt more at home.

From then on, we began to work with more confidence and within a couple of weeks we had made considerable progress. After 20 days, our questions were occasional instead of constant and our instructor faced increasingly bigger challenges as our questions grew in difficulty. Our project managers did an excellent job at adapting to the new system and there were barely any fires to put out in an environment that truly facilitates many of the administrative processes involved in translation.

We still have some obstacles to overcome, such as adding our clients to the list of platform users or making the very most of some of the assignment functions, but our overall review after a year of work could not be any better.

Working with Plunet has helped us to reduce the time it takes to manage a project thanks to the possibilities it offers when asking our favourite translators for their availability or enabling them to bill us at the end of the month through the platform itself.

It is clear that, although they may be a bit scary at first, changes at Tridiom are usually for the best. What will 2022 bring us?